This archive project, from its inception, was collaborative and required contributions from various people across Hamilton’s Library and Information Technology Services (LITS) and Off-Campus Study (OCS) departments. Below you may find the people who have worked and/or continue to work behind the scenes on this archive project. Thank you to everyone!


Alex Axton '24

Digital Scholarship Services Metadata Intern

Sacharja Cunningham '19

Instructional Designer and Project Manager

Diana Escorcia '20

Off-Campus Study Intern

Anthony Hevia '24

Digital Scholarship Services Metadata Intern

Doug Higgins

Instructional Designer

John Ingalls

Network and Systems Administrator

Jiin Jeong '21

Digital Scholarship Services Intern

Madeleine La Cotera

Associate Director of Off-Campus Study

Reid Larson

Research Librarian for Scholarly Communication and Digital Initiatives

Lisa McFall

Associate Director of Metadata and Digital Initiatives

Bret Olsen

Instructional Designer

Janet Oppedisano

Former Director of Digital Scholarship Services

Scott Paul

Help Desk Manager

Kristin Strohmeyer

Research and Community Engagement Librarian 

Jesse Thomas

Network Systems Administrator 

Khuslen (T) Tulga '23

Digital Scholarship Services Metadata Intern